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      Undertake all kinds of daily necessities wholesale, including Mop, rag, broom, garbage bag, fresh film etc,Contact customer service to get the price quickly!
      Product catalog:
      Window brush
      Kitchen and Bathing
      Furniture storage
      Accessories Zone
      Product type:
      PVA mop
      Flat mop
      Whirlwind mop
      Screw water mop
      Dust duster
      steel ball
      Gap brush
      Toilet brush
      Sweeping shovel
      disposable bag
      Fresh keeping film
      Water cup
      Product type:
      Roller type
      Folding / Magic drag
      Spray type
      Clip type
      Bucket type
      cooperative partner
      ABOUT US

      Guangzhou home furnishing Co. tiktok is a high quality household goods manufacturer, integrating the production, research and marketing three in one, online and offline sales mode, online channels: Jingdong, Tmall, vip.com thriving, live, jitter, Xiao Hong, etc., offline channels: distributors, KA stores, etc. Good daughter-in-law is the first manufacturer of cotton mop in China, with more than 90 national patents. After more than 20 years of development, good daughter-in-law products extend from the original household cleaning tools to plastic products, disposable products, kitchen and toilet products, becoming one of the most complete categories of high-quality enterprises in the household and daily necessities industry. At the same time, it is also one of the leading domestic brand cleaning Enterprises, and has a high industry reputation in Panyu, Guangzhou. The company has passed the international ISO system certification, won the honors of "China famous trademark", "Guangdong high-tech enterprise", "China high-quality manufacturer" and so on, and has become a trustworthy leading enterprise in the household goods industry.

      In recent two years, the company has made rapid sales. In the long run, the company has purchased 200 mu of new land to expand the plant, add production lines and purchase automation equipment in Hetang District, Zhuzhou, Hunan Province. In April 2019, the company registered "Zhuzhou good daughter-in-law household appliances Co., Ltd." and it has been strongly supported by the local government. The company has a good atmosphere, harmonious employees, more than 95% return rate after the holiday, strong stability and high team spirit. The company attaches great importance to the stability of old employees. The company conducts group building activities irregularly. The company provides employees with dining, accommodation and insurance, and some posts are provided with environmental subsidies, high temperature subsidies, and gifts and product benefits on holidays, Traditional festivals arrange meals, and regularly pay year-end bonus according to the company's performance. The company establishes a good vocational training plan for employees, and sets up and promotion channels for echelons. Meanwhile, in order to improve the welfare and treatment of employees, the company has been engaged in the well-known public primary and secondary schools in Zhuzhou for the children of the employees, so as to ensure the harmony of the employees' families and protect the future of their children.

        To be the most reliable leading enterprise in China's household products industry
        Relaxed life makes home more wonderful......
        Achieve win-win cooperation with customers
        Striving and enterprising, honesty and responsibility, innovation and efficiency
      contact information
      Guangzhou City Okwife Daily Necessities limited company
      廣州市番禺區沙頭街禺山西路363號聯邦工業園a11號 No. a11, federal Industrial Park, No. 363, Yushan Road, Shatou street, Panyu District, Guangzhou